While the CWR standard is defined on a single document CISAC has created a few other which may help to understand it or, in the case of for example the lookup tables, are actually required if one wishes to work with the files.

The files which can be downloaded here are the ones which have been used to develop the library. But the latest version of these files (which at the time of creating the project are the same on this page) can always be found on the {{{}CISAC}} website.


A single file contains the standard specification:

Additional information about rules to be used when writing into a file can be found on the following files:


There is a user manual to help when working with these files:

Data Files

Some files contain information required to fill and validate the CWR files.

TIS information.

Other Files

Miscellany related files. Some of these are not required to use the standard, but can help to understand it, while others have a very specific use.

The CWR light is a variant which reduces greatly the number of fields in the records.

The following files are used to prepare a CWR-based communication between two parties.

There is an implementation spreadsheet showing society and publisher communications have been established with the CWR standard.