Record Prefix validation

Field level validation

ID Field Constraint Failure level
1 Record Type Should be one from the Record Type or Transaction Type tables ER
2,3,4,7,8 Transaction Sequence # See below TR/ER
5,6 Record Sequence # See below ER

Transaction sequence numbering

  • For the first Transaction header of a group it should be 0 (id 2, fl ER)
  • For Transaction headers not being the first in the group, this is equal to the previous transaction number plus one (id 3, fl TR)
  • For detail records the code is the same as the last transaction header (id 4, fl TR)
  • Transactions sequence numbers should be sequential (id 7, fl ER)
  • Detail records on a Transaction should have this Transaction’s sequence number (id 8, fl ER)

Record sequence numbering

  • For Transaction headers it should be 0 (id 5, fl ER)
  • For details records this is equal to the previous record number plus one (id 6, fl ER)