IPI Number

There are two fields which appear commonly in records refering to interested parties: IPI Name Number and IPI Base Number. These are references to ISAC’s Interested Parties Information system, used by CISAC identify Interested Parties on collective rights management data, and are stored on their databases.

Sometimes this is refered as IPI/CAE number. But the CAE (Composer, Author and Publisher, the E standing for ‘Editeur’) system is obsolete since 2001.

These codes are used along ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) codes.

As previously indicated, IPI numbers are divided into two types:

  • IPI Name Number
  • IPI Base Number

IPI Name Number

The IPI Name Number, is just composed of eleven numbers.

IPI Base Number

The IPI Base Number, follows the pattern H-NNNNNNNNN-C, where each digit means:

  • H: header, which is a single letter
  • N: identification number. Nine numeric digits.
  • C: check digit. A single number.