Transmission Header (HDR)ΒΆ

The Transmission header indicates the begginning of the CWR data on the file, and contains information about it’s creation and sender.

It contains the following fields:

Field Type Required Description
Record Type Alphanumeric Yes It is always ‘HDR’
Sender Type Alphanumeric Yes Indicates the role of the sender. Only ‘AA’, ‘PB’, ‘SO’ or ‘WR’ are accepted.
Sender ID Numeric Yes Code identifying the sender
Sender Name Alphanumeric Yes Name of the sender
EDI Standard Version Number Alphanumeric Yes Version of the header and trailer. ‘01.10’ for CWR 2.1
Creation Date Date Yes The date that this file was created
Creation Time Time Yes The time of day that this file was created
Transmission Date Time Yes The date that this file was transmitted to all receiving entities
Character Set Time No To be used if this file contains data in a character set other than ASCII