Record Type Codes

The valid Record types are always indicated in the latest CWR standard specification, and indicated on CISAC’s Record Type table.

These are used on a Record prefix to identify it’s type.

This list is offered just to make it easier identifying each of them.

Control Records

Record Type Record name
GRH Group Header
GRT Group Trailer
HDR Transmission Header
TRL Transmission Trailer

Transaction Records

Note that the Transaction type is actually the type of the header Record on the Transaction.

So for example an Acknowledgment Transaction starts with an Acknowledgment Record.

Record Type Record name
ACK Acknowledgment of Transaction
AGR Agreement supporting Work Registration
EXC Existing Work which is in conflict with a Work registration
NWR New Works Registration
ISW Notification of ISWC assigned to a Work
REV Revised Registration

Detail Records

Record Type Record name
ALT Alternate Title
ARI Additional Related Information
COM Composite Component
EWT Entire Work Title for Excerpts
IPA Interested Party of Agreement
IND Instrumentation Detail
INS Instrumentation Summary
MSG Message
NAT Non-Roman Alphabet Title
NCT Non-Roman Alphabet Title for Components
NET Non-Roman Alphabet Entire Work Title for Excerpts
NOW Non-Roman Alphabet Other Writer Name
NPN Non-Roman Alphabet Publisher Name
NPR Performing Artist in Non-Roman alphabet
NVT Non-Roman Alphabet Original Title for Versions
NWN Non-Roman Alphabet Writer Name
OPU Other Publisher
ORN Work Origin
OWR Other Writer
PER Performing Artist
PWR Publisher for Writer
REC Recording Detail
SPT Publisher Territory of Control
SPU Publisher Controlled by Submitter
SWR Writer Controlled by Submitter
SWT Writer Territory of Control
TER Territory in Agreement
VER Original Work Title for Versions